Window Horses (USA 2015)


Ann Marie Fleming


Ann Marie Fleming



Ann Marie Fleming, Sandra Oh




Sandra Oh

Rosie Ming (Stimme)

Nancy Kwan

Gloria (Stimme)

Shohreh Aghdashloo

Mehrnaz (Stimme)

Camyar Chaichian

Cyrus (Stimme)

Omid Abtahi

Ramin (Stimme)

Navid Negahban

Mehran (Stimme)

Don McKellar

Dietmar (Stimme)

Ellen Page

Kelly (Stimme)

Kristen Thomson

Caroline (Stimme)


Shahrzad (Stimme)


Stephen (Stimme)


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88 Minuten













Firmen / Studios:

Sleepy Dog Films

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Englischer Kurzinhalt:

In this coming-of-age story, Rosie Ming, a young Canadian poet, is invited to perform at a Poetry Festival in Shiraz, Iran, but she’d rather be in Paris. She lives at home with her over-protective Chinese grandparents and has never been anywhere by herself. Once in Iran, she finds herself in the company of poets and Persians, all who tell her stories that force her to confront her past; the Iranian father she assumed abandoned her and the nature of Poetry itself. It’s about building bridges between cultural and generational divides. It’s about being curious. Staying open. And finding your own voice through the magic of poetry.

Rosie goes on an unwitting journey of forgiveness, reconciliation, and perhaps above all, understanding, through learning about her father’s past, her own cultural identity, and her responsibility to it.

This film is our small effort to try and add a little more peace, love and understanding to our increasingly complex and conflicted world through art, poetry, history and culture. Heady stuff!


  • Die ursprüngliche Geschichte fiel Ann Marie Fleming während ihres Aufenthalts in Deutschland ein, wo sie zusammen mit anderen Künstler an der Akademie Schloss Solitude teilnahm. Aus dem Fenster konnte man Pferde sehen, welche sie an ihren Vater erinnert haben. Sie schrieb sogar ein eigenes Lied über diese Erfahrung.
  • Das “Snow” von Louis MacNeice ist eines der Leitmotiv des Films. Ann Marie Fleming entdeckte es zum ersten Mal als sie noch ein Teenager war in einer Universitätsbibliothek. Damals suchte sie sich einen willkürlichen Gedichtband heraus, schlug ihn auf und es eröffente sich eine völlig neue Welt für sie.
  • Das Projekt wurde vom Canadian Film Centre (CFC) als Teil ihrer exklusiven Partnerschaft mit Indiegogo ausgewählt.


  • “Window Horses hits all the things that are important to me: it's pro-girl, pro-tolerance, pro-diversity and PRO-ART!!  My nieces are mixed race and it's very important to me that they see themselves represented in this society.” (Schauspielerin Sandra Oh über das Projekt; Quelle:
  • “The story of Window Horses is charming and poignant filled with magical moments. Rosie Ming represents the East and the West. A child of today!” (Schauspielerin Nancy Kwan über die Geschichte des Films; Quelle:
  • “I was enchanted with the delicate approach to a complex story. That approach is a refreshing one within all the jagged edges that often accompany stories about the place I was born.” (Regisseur, Autor, Schauspieler und Produzent Camyar Chaichian; Quelle:
  • “This project means so much to me. I took it upon myself to promote the positive aspects of our country, of our culture and poetry is one great aspect of it. I'm proud to be Iranian, and I'll take every opportunity to get the word out about how beautiful our culture and our country is.“ (Schauspieler Omid Abtahi über das Projekt; Quelle:




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